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Company-Overview 坂本乙造商店

Company-Overview URUSHI SAKAMOTO

URUSHI SAKAMOTO History & Activities

Filter the Urushi colored with pigment through Japanese traditional paper
collecting sap from Urushi tree
Pouring sap info individual barrels
Purifying Urushi
A small Urushi bottle for export

Since the company was established in 1900, URUSHI SAKAMOTO in Aizu
Wakamatsu, Japan, has created numerous and varied fine lacquer (urushi)
products.From the beginning URUSHI SAKAMOTO has had a reputation
for consistently high standards for refining the lacquer and for its high
quality, as well as designing and executing distinctively creative products.

In recent decades we have focused on modernizing the use of this once
traditional Japanese material in order to address the needs and tastes of
our modern life style.We pursue this mission by collaboration with other
companies that produce high-end products that require a lacquer surface.
In addition, we produce our own distinctive line of exclusively hand made
wearable pieces such as jewelry and handbags.

Major collections and awards ■ Museum oFModern Art, NY ■ Gold Medal, Good Design Award ■ Creative Award, Japanese Government - the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry ■ Numcrous other awards

HAPPENING MOMA permanent collection(1989)
Pocket watches CITIZEN(1994)
TOROPICAL BREEZE MOMA permanent collection(1990)
FOSTEX Headphoone(2011~)
Cameras by LEICA(1995)
Handbags and Jewely
Bangle : SAMURAI
Bracelet Urushi . gold-leaf and abalone on wood
Broach Urushi . gold-leaf and abalone on wood
Aurora : Baumkuchen
Bamboo : Chocolat
Aurora : Cube



1-4-51,Ohmachi,Aizuwakamatsu-city,Fukushima,965-0042 Japan
Phone. +81.(0)242.25.4111
Fax. +81.(0)242.24.5156